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Conversation Topic Material
  • Are you happy? Why/Why not?
  • What things make you happy/unhappy?
  • What changes would you like to make in your life to make you happier?
  • Can money buy you happiness? If so, how much?
  • Are we obsessed with being happy?
  • Do we deserve to be happy?
  • Can we have too much happiness?
  • Do drugs or alcohol make people happy?
  • Do you think that concepts like mindfulness make us happier or sadder?

Podcast – A Recipe for Happiness  Listening

Article –True happiness isn’t about being happy all the time Reading

  • Are you interested in art?

  • What is the purpose of art?

  • How should art be valued?

  • Does art provide a valuable historic document?

  • Is graffiti art?

  • Do you have a favourite artist or artwork?

Podcast – Art Came in the Night Listening

Article – Banksy’s Love is in the Bin sells for record £16m Reading

  • Do you worry about the future? If so, what things do worry about and why?
  • Had you ever heard of the Doomsday Clock? Do you think it’s necessary or a good idea?
  • Are humans our own worst enemy?
  • Were you aware of the existential threats mentioned in the article and podcast? Were you surprised by any of them?
  • Which, if any of these threats, do you think is the most likely to happen?
  • Do you think we can protect ourselves from these existential threats?
  • Are you more or less worried about the future now than before you read the article and listened to the podcast?
  • Do you consider yourself to be an optimist or a pessimist?
Podcast – Toby Ord – Existential Risk and the Future of Humanity Listening
Article – How to read the Doomsday Clock Reading
  • Do you enjoy travelling?
  • What are the best and worst aspects of travelling?
  • Is there a difference between travelling and tourism?
  • Does travel really broaden the mind? Can you give a personal example of how travel has broadened your mind?
  • How important is the travel industry in your country?
  • What are the most memorable places you have visited?
  • Are there any dream destinations on your bucket list?
Podcast – Tourism – Travel  Listening
Article – Five Reasons Why Travel Is Good For Your Mental Health Reading
  • Why is the right to bear arms so important for some Americans?
  • Have you ever fired a gun? Would you like to?
  • Are there any good reasons to have a gun?
  • Would you consider living in a society where people have the right to own guns?
  • What type of gun controls would be most effective?
Podcast – America’s gun debate – why we’re getting it so wrong Listening
Article – US gun control: What is the NRA and why is it so powerful? Reading
  • Why do parents push their kids?
  • Did your parents push you? If so, in what ways? If not, do you wish they had?
  • Have you pushed your children? How much and in what areas of life? If not, do you wish you had pushed them more?
  • Do you think that parents have unrealistic expectations for their children?
  • Do children have too many extra-scholar activities these days?
  • What ways can parents help children to succeed?
  • Are all children capable of greatness if they are pushed?
Podcast – Forget Tiger Moms. Now China’s ‘Chicken Blood’ Parents Are Pushing Kids To Succeed Listening
Article – Your Turn: When Parents Push Too Hard … Or Not Enough Reading
  • Why do people use social media?
  • Do you use social media? If so, how often and what for?
  • Do you know anyone who is addicted to social media?
  • Do you think on balance that it has a positive or negative impact on society?
  • Did you use social media more or begin to use it for the first time during the Covid pandemic?
  • Do you think that social media influencers make us feel unhappy with our lives and/or appearance?
  • Have you noticed the echo chamber effect happening to you?

Podcast – How bad is social media for my mental health? Listening

Article – ‘The Social Dilemma’: Are Facebook and Instagram Really Affecting Our Mental Health?. Reading

  • Are you a workaholic?
  • What consequences does overwork have on your health?
  • Could you do the same amount of work in less time?
  • What would the perfect work timetable be for you?
  • Do you have enough time to do all the things you want and what would you do if you had more free time?

Podcast – The Cult of Overwork Listening

Article – Why do we buy into the ‘cult’ of overwork?. Reading

  • Would you like to travel into space?
  • Do you think it will ever be accessible to ordinary people?
  • Is the human achievement worth the environmental cost?
  • Does space tourism help develop new technology?
  • Do you think humans will colonise space in the future?

Podcast – Branson, Bezos, And The Billionaires: The Future Of Space Tourism Listening

Article – First space tourist Dennis Tito: ‘It was the greatest moment of my life’ Reading

  • Do you think there really is a “Big Tech Threat”?
  • What are the consequences of monopolies and why are they seen as problematic?
  • Is there enough regulation of global tech companies?
  • Do you use any of these companies or do you try to avoid using them?
  • If you owned a business would you consider selling it to one of these companies?

Podcast – The Big Tech Threat? Listening

Article – US tech giants accused of ‘monopoly power’ Reading

  • Are you already or currently considering going vegan?
  • Have you tried going vegan on a temporary basis (veganuary)?
  • Do you think a vegan diet is healthier or less healthy than a traditional diet?
  • Do you think we will all have to go vegan to protect the diet in the future?
  • How easy do you think it is to follow a vegan diet in Spain?

Podcast – Is Veganism the Future? Listening

Article – The vegan era, or the end of carnal. Reading

  • Are you vaccinated? Why or why not?
  • Why do some people not want to get vaccinated?
  • How can people be encouraged to get vaccinated?
  • Should people be forced to get vaccinated?
  • Are there any circumstances under which you wouldn’t get vaccinated?

Podcast – Vaccine Hesitancy: (Part 1) Listening

Article – COVID vaccines: time to confront anti-vax aggression Reading

  • Does cancel culture curtail our freedom of speech?
  • Do some people deserve to be cancelled?
  • Is it wrong to judge people’s past comments by today’s standards?
  • Should we change street names or remove statues dedicated to historical figures whose actions were unacceptable by today’s standards?
  • Is cancel culture a left wing phenomenon?

Podcast – There is No ‘Cancel Culture’ Listening

Article – Cancel culture: Have any two words become more weaponised? Reading

  • Did you know how polluting the fashion industry is?
  • Why is the fashion industry so polluting?
  • Why do you think fast fashion is so popular?
  • Is fashion important to you?
  • Do you think social media is responsible for our appetite for fast fashion?

Podcast – Costing the Earth: Fast Fashion Slow Down Listening

Article – Fast Fashion is Still a Big Threat to Our Environment — Here’s What Needs to Change Reading

  • Have you already invested or would you invest in cryptocurrency? Why/why not?
  • Is it damaging to the environment?
  • Will cryptocurrency take over from physical money?
  • Is cryptocurrency the currency of criminals?
  • Is cryptocurrency the new Gold Standard?

Podcast – Cryptocurrency: What You Need To Know Now Listening

Article – The real victims of mass crypto-hacks that keep happening Reading

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